REScoop.be vzw is the federation of groups and cooperatives of citizens for renewable energy in Belgium.

This association was created in the course of 2010 based on:
  • the growing cooperation between local initiatives by citizens and existing renewable energy cooperatives and associations in Flanders, Wallonia and German-speaking Belgium,
  • the need to better defend the interests of ordinary citizens in the energy transition.

The energy transition from fossil / nuclear fuels to renewable energy sources, from centrally to locally generated energy and from inefficient to rational use of energy will be paid for by ordinary citizens,

  • as citizen-consumers, who will get the cost of the energy transition passed on to them through their energy bills,
  • as citizen-taxpayers, through their taxpayments allowing for subsidies for the energy transition,
  • as a citizen-savers, whose savings will be lent at very mow cost to investors in the energy transition.

We assume that it is in the interest of every citizen to gain, through this energy transition, more control as ordinary citizens over their future energy supply. In this transition a REScoop, a renewable energy cooperative, in which citizens themselves invest in means of production and supply of energy and can consume the energy produced themselves, is the organisationally and ideologically most suitable business form.