Allons en Vent scrl, the windturbine of the children in Mesnil-Église, Houyet in province of Namur
Beauvent cvba, renewable energy in the Westhoek, province of Western-Flanders
BronsGroen cvba-so, renewable energy in the province of Limburg
Citipar scrl, citizen co-operatives for renewable energy
Clef scrl, renewable energy in Leuze in the province of Hainaut
Courant d'air scrl-fs, renewable energy in the German speaking part of Belgium
Ecopower cvba, renewable energy in Belgium
Emissions Zéro scrl, renewable energy in Wallonia
Lucéole scrl, renewable energy in Habay - Fauvillers in the southern part of the province of Luxemburg
Nosse Moulin scrl-fs, renewable energy in Gembloux en La Bruyère in de the province of Namur
Social Green Energy cvba, renewable energy in and around Keerbergen in the province of Flemish-Brabant



Vents d'Houyet, promotion of citizen co-operatives for renewable energy


Associated members


CORE cvba-so
EnerCity scrl                   
Ferréole scrl
Ilanga cv-so                                    
Vent du Sud scrl-fs                         



Local citizen associations  accreditation


Atout Vent acl                                                                 
Havéole acl
Netekracht lvb                               
Ourthéole acl                                 
Pajopower lvb                               
Siteol acl                                         
Ventdambleve acl                          
Ventdange acl



Kyoto in het Pajottenland